On January, 22th – parallel to the Bread & Butter and Premium in Berlin’s Fashion Week 2010, the German FTD has published an article about a pretended big fraud on false Organic Cotton made in India and stated "not every product that is labeled as organic cotton is truly organic." The media coverage was enormous.


To make a long story short:
  1. It’s all wrong. Neither there was a big fraud. Neither Tchibo, C&A and H&M used or sold genetic modified Organic Cotton.
  2. SO PURE BY SENSE ORGANICS is verifiable using Organic Cotton NOT genetic modified ever since and will always do.
  3. SO PURE BY SENSE ORGANICS shows the Certificates that show the evident of our GOTS-certified Cotton that is clean of genetic modifications today on the website.
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Please have a look at our certificates:

We are GOTS certified and actual certificates state that our products are Genetic Modified tested negavtive! (GM negative)

Organic Cotton Certificate 1 - 8

Statement SOPURE Biobaumwolle Financial Times

FLO Certificate Sense Organics

GOTS Certificate Sense Organics

Was ist GOTS? (Deutsch)

What is GOTS? (English)