All our fashion products are made out of Certified Organic & Fairtrade Cotton.

We only use Organic Cotton or Organic Cotton in Conversion made under Fairtrade conditions in India, what means that farmers get a better price for their cotton and are able to improve their life.

Fairtrade offers you the possibility of reducing global poverty by shopping fashionable and lovely cloths. And of course clothes totally free of pesticides or other harmful ingredients.

To insure our sustainable was of production our company is certified within the most important Global ethical and organic certificates:

Global Organic Textile Standard
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) C811018GOTS

Most important international standard for pestizid-free production of Organic Cotton (production, harvest, handling, inkl. high social standards).

FLO (fairtrade labelling organisation) FLO 21089

Most important international standard for compliance of Fair Trade conditions (payment, labour laws, etc.).

Organic Cotton in Conversion

Today only 3% of the whole Global Cotton Production is Organic Cotton.

Huge amounts of the global organic production today comes from USA, where 25.000 technically highly equipped farmers produce as much Organic Cotton as 6 Million Organic Cotton Farmers in India per year. The government in USA supports the Organic Cotton production financially keeping the global prices low. Further big industries are making huge profits by providing pesticides and special kind of seeds to keep cotton farmers in a kind of economic addiction. The consequence is that Indian Farmers can’t sell the Organic produced Cotton at good prices at the world markets or need to buy a lot of expensive herbicides and pesticides and suffer. These are some of the main reasons why hundred thousands of these farmers comitted suicide in the glorious 21st century.

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